I have the right approach, experience, and expertise to help you be brilliant

Work I do includes - supporting those that are growing their business, helping starting up new businesses, coaching senior team members, acting as an advisor on developments, and individual mentoring. I also work on the development of a number of my own personal projects.

To support what I do I have partners in HR, finance, sales, and marketing who are available depending on scale and need

I will work with you

on the 4 key areas outlined:-

  1. You

  2. Your Relationships

  3. Your Reputation

  4. Your Results​

Whilst reviewing the below try to give yourself a score out of 10. Even better complete the exercise with some of your team!

10 means you are smashing it whilst zero means you are struggling to answer the question.

A bit of advice. Steer away from giving yourself a 6 or 7 - that's just sitting on the fence! Be honest with where you are right now.



Helping you understand how you can achieve your vision

  • Why do you what you do - what gets you out of bed every day?

  • How clear is your vision for the business?

  • How robust is your strategy to deliver it?

  • How often are you distracted by day to day matters?

  • How often do you ask the "right" questions of yourself and your team?

  • How are your personal actions helping or hindering your business?

  • What does your personal development plan look like?

  • How are you funded and what is your cash position?


Hotel of the year.jpg

Helping you deliver results through ensuring that your team is happy, effective, agile and engaged

  • Do you have the right people in your business and if not, what are you doing anything about it?

  • Does your team know what you are trying to achieve and why?

  • How are you growing the competence and confidence of your team?

  • How effective is your team? 



Helping you ensure that your business is loved by your guests and wider society

  • How much do your guests love what you do?

  • How much does the community in which you operate love what you do?

  • Are you seen as the "expert voice" in your field?

  • How well are you managing risk in your business with regards to your team, guests and visitors?

  • What impact is your sustainable strategy having on reducing your impact on the environment?

  • Do you always do the right thing?


financial results (2).png

Helping you deliver the financial results you need

  • How are your commercial team performing against agreed targets?

  • How is your brand, partner or management company performing in terms of contribution, cost of sale and year on year growth?

  • How  confident are you that your commercial structure, systems and process are effective?

  • How effective are your partnerships and collaborations?

  • How well are you converting to the bottom line?

  • How accurate are your forecasts?

  • What are your plans to continue developing your business?